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My Forex Discovery

My day-trading journey began after I purchased a stock trading course. I followed the course outline and traded stocks in hopes of cashing in on the roaring 90?s. When the stock market corrected in 2000, I couldn't pay the continuous marginals and consequently lost all my money, approx $200K!

About 5 years later, I was ready to jump back in the game. This time trading Foreign currencies, the biggest trading market in the world. I purchased the 4XMade Easy software (with the green and red arrows) for a heft three grand. In addition I paid a monthly live feed and demo traded for over 2 years but could never predict with any degree of accuracy the direction of the market. As a result, I ended up on the wrong side of the trade at a loss.

However, I did learn that if I could only stay in a trade long enough by going with the long-term trends, I would make money. But the big problem with following the long-term trend is: you have to have a lot of money in your account to stay in the market during the often occurring reversals.

When I found out about The Freedomrocks system I finally found what I was looking for. During my 15-day free trial period I was really surprised at the simple elegance of the system. I found that it did for me everything that I could never do before. Amazingly, the system allows me to trade without a lot of money to invest, no expensive software to buy, no live-feeds, no charts to predict, no staying up all night when the foreign markets are volatile.

Hans Savitch is an Entreprenuer who teaches investors how to trade the Forex.

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Forex Traders - The Inside Scoop

Forex traders make up a unique group of investors who are willing to think outside of the box. They are a group of people who understand that with inherent risk comes the possibility for great reward. A person who has mastered the ability to balance that risk with wisdom and patience can make a substantial amount of money trading forex. One important key to success is having the ability to access the most current and the best forex trading information. The development of streaming data on the internet has made this access possible.

Forex traders of all skill and experience levels are discovering the value of forex trading simulators. Nearly all of the major trading platforms now offer some sort of simulator that allows the investor to become a student and place forex trades with play money. These games, while fun, provide a valuable training ground where forex traders can try out new strategies and methods. The simulators allow them to track the success or failure of the trades that they have made. Even more important than the successful trades that they make in the simulator are the failures. This is a place where new forex traders can learn from their mistakes without suffering personal financial loss.

One of the most exciting features of an online forex trading platform is the freedom that it gives a forex trader to work ahead of time. Through automated forex trading, an investor has the ability to set up forex trades in advance by naming his/her price. The trading platform keeps track of current quotes, and when the quote reaches the price that the trader has predetermined the trade is made automatically. This feature allows forex traders who work other jobs to be active in the market on a daily basis.

Day trading forex is becoming more popular and it would not be possible without the information that streams over most online forex trading platforms. While it is fascinating to step back and see how much the world of financial investing has changed because of increasingly reliable information technology, it is even more interesting to stop and think about what new developments are on the horizon, some of which forex traders may not have even yet considered.

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Forex Trading-This Long Term Trading Chart Pattern Can Make You Very Rich-If You Know How

I have often been asked to explain whether it is a complicated matter to know when a trading pattern can result in massive profits.

So I will share with you such a trading setup that has taken EIGHT YEARS to build up. And if a trading pattern takes that long to build up and there is an outbreak, you can bet that the trading action will persists for some time.

What does that mean?

This can mean massive profits to you...if you know how to trade, enter and exit at the correct times.

Or it can mean nothing to you, because you have not learnt how to trade, or you are still sitting on the sidelines.

If you run over to your charting interface or your forex trading platform charting facility and pull up the Yen-US currency chart, you

can see that the yen looks to continue its weakness against the US$ over the next few months!

As of today, the third week of January, 2007, the yen has done two important things that you can benefit and make massive gains if you know how!

Firstly, the yen has broke out of its 8-years resistance trend line in Dec 2006.

Secondly, the yen has continued to rally and is now above 120 yen/US$.

Technically from the chart, we can see no major resistance for the yen until the 125-129 levels.

The key to successfully trading this pattern is to be able to convert this information into trading action that can mean profits to you.

Long term trading patterns like this always present superior opportunities for you to make good profits. They take years to roll out their cycles, to oscillate from low to high and then to low again. Once the opportunity is lost, you will need to wait years again before another similar pattern forms.


It has never been easier for you to avail yourself to training and pick up the correct skills to become a good trader. Get a mentor and learn from him, and then you will be able to position yourself into success.

Either you know how to trade this long term 8 years pattern and earn massive profits or you will continue to be disappointed as you hesitate and continue to be a loser. Therefore it is important to enhance your opportunities by reducing the risk ...learn how to trade with a professional trader as your mentor and be successful.

Peter Lim is a Certified Financial Planner. To look at the chart referred to in this article and to discover powerful professional trading secrets to help you create a 5 figure income trading forex in the comfort of your home, visit the author's blog at

MACD Divergence Forex Signal - How Reliable?

Some traders regard MACD divergence as a Forex signal to enter a high probability trade. They almost suggest you get straight in to a trade as soon as you see MACD divergence.

Is this Forex signal that reliable? To be fair, it certainly has a place in a successful trader's kit of strategies, but as with any Forex signal, there are certain precautions that have to be observed to make any trade high probability.

At this time there doesn't appear to be any Forex signal that offers anywhere near a 100% success rate.

So if you are tempted to trade on the basis of MACD divergence, what other factors should you keep in mind?

MACD Divergence Defined

First let's just spell out exactly what is meant by MACD divergence.

MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) comes as a standard Forex signal on all the main charting packages. Some show MACD by itself with two lines, one a combination of a 12 and 26 Exponential Moving Average, and the other line based on a 9 Exponential Moving Average.

Some charting packages also include what is called a Histogram in the same charting area as MACD. The histogram merely represents in a different way what is happening between the two MACD lines as to market momentum. The wider the gap between the MACD lines, the higher or lower the height of the histogram bars.

To identify MACD divergence, simply draw a line across the highs if MACD is above the zero line, or draw a line across the lows if MACD is below the zero line.

Now go to the price action section of the chart, the candlesticks, and draw a line across the highs directly above where the line is drawn on the MACD highs, or draw a line across price lows directly above where the line is drawn on MACD lows.

If they are going in opposite directions you have MACD divergence. In other words, when MACD is making lower highs and lower lows but price is making higher highs and higher lows, this negative MACD divergence forms a Forex signal indicating price could well start to drop.

If MACD is making higher highs and higher lows but price is making lower highs and lower lows, this positive MACD divergence forms a Forex signal indicating price could well start to rise.

MACD Divergence Precautions

Be aware that MACD divergence on a smaller time frame is not so significant. When it is seen on a 15 minute chart it may or may not be very important.

If seen on a 60 minute, 4 hour, or daily chart, start doing more analysis.

If you see MACD divergence on two or more of the higher time frames, then definitely sit up and take notice and start looking for other factors to indicate when price may react to the divergence.

This brings us to a key point when trading MACD divergence as a Forex signal to enter a trade. On a higher time frame, MACD divergence can be a fairly reliable indicator of a change in price direction. However, the big question is: WHEN?

Many traders get caught out by entering a trade too soon when they see MACD divergence. In many cases, price has still got some muscle to continue in the current direction. The trader who has jumped in too soon can only stare at the screen in dismay as price shoots through his stop taking him out.

How Can This Scenario Be Avoided

Before pulling the trigger when you see MACD divergence on the higher time frames, be sure to look for other key Forex signals to confirm that the divergence has really kicked in.

For example, if you see a distinctive candle pattern such as a tweezer top or a hanging man on the higher time frame it may appear price has topped out and is now ready to move in the other direction.

If at the same time the distinctive candle pattern is at a key level of previous support or resistance, or at a pivot level, or a Fibonacci retracement or extension level, you have added reason to believe this could well be a turning point and put an entry order in at this level to get taken in.

At the same time, you will want to consult your trading calendar to make sure you are not entering a trade near a significant Fundamental Announcement. Even though the MACD divergence may kick in soon, the Fundamental Announcement could cause a major spike in price and take out your stop.

So in summary, is MACD divergence a high probability Forex signal?

Answer: By itself NO!

How can MACD divergence be used safely?

Answer: Check to see if MACD divergence is seen on one or more higher time frame charts such as the 60 minute, 4 hour, or daily.

Then look for other Forex signals such as candle patterns, support or resistance levels, or Fibonacci retracement extension levels.

In other words, use MACD divergence as a confirmation Forex signal that you are going in the right direction rather than a stand-alone Forex signal.

Michael A. Jones is a writer, webmaster and Forex trader.

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Forex Trading Basics

What exactly is Forex Trading? When you exchange one country?s currency at the same time with another country?s it is known as foreign exchange, Forex or FX trading.

Most people are aware that when they travel from one country to another it becomes necessary to conduct trade in the currency of the country being visited. Knowing the value of various currencies at particular times can also be a great business venture because you can profit by trading one currency for another.

For example, if you buy the US dollar when it is rising in value against the Japanese yen, you can later sell it before its value begins to drop and make a tidy profit. Taking advantage of these timely dips and swells of the currencies on foreign currency market, you can make much money. Similarly, Forex traders who pay strict attention to a changing international currency market have the potential to earn big profits.

Buy Low Sell High
Forex traders deal with often complicated currency exchanges, however, successful Forex traders buy currencies when they are low in value and sell them at their peak. Although on the surface this sounds like just plain old common sense, in fact currency exchanges can rise and fall wildly within a few minutes. Holding on to a currency too long can result in a loss of value if the market for the particular currency begins to fall. So, timely and decisive responses are essential in securing a profit on every transaction.

Economic and Political Conditions
Currency values fluctuate because of events happening in the economic and political arenas of different countries. For example, a country that goes to war may see it currency drop in value, whereas, a country that reports robust economic growth, may also have a strong currency. Similar to the stock market, currency trading requires skill, luck and risk management. Successful Forex traders know when to hold a losing trade and when to get out. You cannot make money in this market if you are constantly worried about losing your initial investment. Sometimes you have to let a bad trade go and start over.

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Online Currency Trading: Three Ways To Profit With Forex Trading

Online currency trading is an excellent way to make good money online. Suddenly what was once barriers is now a chance to become wealthy. And here is a business opportunity like never before. These three ways to profit with Forex trading will have you thinking.

1.Develop a better trading system ? each system can help make more profits. This is even more so when it is not connected to another system. Do ongoing research so that you find a new system that can make better projects. Sometimes a trading system will just stop working for whatever reason. You need to keep on top of this and dump out what ever isn?t working.

2.Add more traders ? each of your traders can only do so much work well. The trader will reach a point where there effectiveness is no longer of value. Let?s say your best trader trades 75 million dollars effectively but when he goes above that total he is no longer effective. The best thing to do is to add more traders. That is if you want to grow your business bigger.

You can also optimize the traders that you have making them more effective at what they are doing for your trading business. Coaching is a great way to help them improve and sometimes a bonus incentive program will be very beneficial.

3.Optimize your position by meeting all of the objectives that you have set out. You must start by clearly drawing out what those objectives are for the business. Too often this step is missed and it is quickly reflected on the profit margin.

You also need to determine your R value on the distribution of each system. You need to know this in order to make the right changes. You must also simulate different algorithms so that you can decide from the many thousands of possibilities that will best meet your obligations. Finally you have to apply that algorithm that you choose to your system.

Don?t expect to be able to pull off all three ways to profit with Forex trading at the same time. Sure it would be great if you can but don?t be too disappointed if you are unable to do so. After all it is all about the bottom line and you will want to get more efficient while at the same time not jeopardizing your income flow.

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Why You Should Get Started With Mini Forex Trading

If you are new to the world to currency trading and aren?t ready for a full time Forex trading account find out why you should get started with a Mini Forex Trading account. With just a couple of hundred dollars you can set up a Mini Forex Trading account and enjoy many of the same privileges that a full account enjoys.

A normal Forex account requires you to put a minimum of $2500 into the account and for many that?s far more than they have to play with or want to play with. That?s why you should get started with a Mini Forex Trading account.

A Mini Forex Trading account let?s a person play, find out if they like what they see, and decide whether it?s an investment portfolio that appeals to them and it?s why you should get started with a Mini Forex Trading account.

Although there are some restrictions on the mini account there are very nominal. A Mini Forex Trading account handles 10% of what a standard account is and the PIP is also 10% and it is why you should get started with a Mini Forex Trading account.

When you get involved in mini trading you are actually marginal trading which means that you are borrowing money so that you can complete a trade without having to put the full amount up yourself. This is called leveraging and it?s why you should get started with a Mini Forex Trading account.

When you open your mini account and you put the minimum $250 in your account and that gives you 5 mini lots to trade. So see why you should get started with a Mini Forex Trading account? On a normal account the leverage would be 4:1 and the heavy leverage of 200:1 might be a bit hard to take but in Mini Forex trading this is not considered over leveraging.

The investor?s risk on a Mini account offsets the lower risk of losses which are 10% the amount that would be lost on a regular Forex trade. This actually makes it easier to run a trading strategy that is more disciplined. So you see why you should get started with a Mini Forex Trading account?

If you want to invest less than $10,000 using a Forex mini account is the way to go. Now that you know why you should get started with a Mini Forex Trading account what are you waiting for?

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