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Another article on forex brokers in switzerland

Forex - Choosing the Right Broker

There are a mind boggling number of forex brokers available to choose from. Choosing the right broker is the most important decision you can make for your forex venture. Here is a checklist of what you need to be looking for.

1. Regulation. Just because a broker is available does not mean they are regulated. You may want to check first what country your broker is registered in. Some countries have lax laws regarding forex brokers. In the US, brokers are regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission or the National Futures Association. If a broker is regulated, then they must regularly submit financial reports to these organizations. If these reports are not submitted, then they can be fined, or shut down. Any person can view these financial reports (similar to publicly traded companies). This regulation also give the investors avenues to pursue if there are any issues with the broker.

2. Company customer service. Check and see if there are any complaints about the forex broker with the Better Business Bureau. If there were complaints, see how the company resolved these complaints. Call or email the broker with any questions. You should not feel uncomfortable doing this, as they will be holding your money. The broker should be courteous and respond quickly to any and all questions. Does this particular broker have a lot of discrepancies between the price the trade was requested at and the actual value? This is called 'slippage' and can lead to the loss of funds if it is rampant. Some brokers will compensate you for the slippage, others do not.

3. Trading options. Not all forex brokers offer the same types of platforms, spreads or leverage. You need to decide which options are the most important to you. Some things to think about regarding options are: Commissions - does the broker take a commission and a spread? Make sure the spread is small enough to compensate for the commission. Spread - what spread is offered? Does the spread vary depending on the time of day, or is it always constant? Margin - is there a maximum amount of leverage allowed by the broker? Scalping - what is the broker's policy on scalping? Some brokers will put your account on manual execution if you scalp. This means that all your transactions have to go through a live person to be executed, which will slow down your trades and possibly keep you from getting some trades. Platform - what type of platform does the broker offer. Is it easy to use and understand? Does the platform perform quickly enough to execute trades instantly?

4. Demo account. Does the broker offer a demo account to practice with? And does the demo platform perform exactly like the live version? A demo account is a great way to test the platforms and see if you like the features the platform offers before actually sending them any funds.

Running a checklist on all the brokers you want to check out should narrow down your options and help you choose the best broker for you!

Michael Russell

Your Independent guide to Forex Trading

Forex Trading & The Proper Hours To Win

If you want to find an appreciable number of profitable trades when trading Forex you need to enter the forex market at the best period of time. This means you should enter when the activity, the volume of transactions, is the highest. All experienced traders focus on the hours when the currency markets tend to make their biggest moves, i.e., during the big market overlaps, which therefore, are usually the best times to trade.

Forex markets are open worldwide with the following schedule:

* New York Market trade times: 8am-4pm EST

* London Market trade times: 2am-12Noon EST

* Great Britain Market trade times: 3am-11am EST

* Tokyo Market trade times: 8pm-4am EST

* Australia Market trade times: 7pm-3am EST

Forex markets have also these timing chraceristics:

* Forex Trading begins in New Zealand, followed by Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and America

* The US & UK account for more than 50% of the market transactions

* Forex Major markets: London, New York, Tokyo

* Nearly two-thirds of NY activity occurs in the morning hours while European markets are open.

From this timing facts, it is evident that at any given time, somebody somewhere in the world is buying and selling currencies. As one market closes a different market opens. Business hours overlap, and the exchange continues as day becomes night and night becomes day.

The great liquidity of Forex, combined with the fact that's traded 5.5 days a week around the world, offers every trader an exceptional independence and choices to trade Forex when you want to and not when the market wants you to do it. It?s a facts that trades always develop with relatively the same frequency, regardless of time. As long as the Forex market is open, there is about the same probability that you will find a trade, whenever your look for it.

Forex market volume of transactions remains high during the whole day, but peaks highest when the Asian market(including Australia & New Zealand), the European market and the U.S. market are open simultaneously. And these are the best trading hours you must target in order to find the highest possible amount of profitable trades.

During each trading day, the total Forex ?volume? is determined by the number of markets that are open and the times each of these markets overlap one another.

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Using interest rates on FOREX to predict currency changes might be a mistake

The difference between countries' interest rates (the bond spread) can influence the movements of currencies in the FOREX market, and vice versa. All around the world central banks base their monetary policy decisions mostly on the currencies' prices. This works both ways though, meaning that monetary policy decision and interest rates can also determine the price of currencies.

Central banks use this data for their benefit as an indirect mean to change and edit their country's monetary policies as they believe to be most appropriate (i.e. a stronger currency can recover a country from inflation while a weaker one will deepen the inflation).

FOREX investors who study and understand these interactions can use this information in the currency exchange market by predicting movements and trends of currencies. This is a long-term strategy - the trader must commit to this method for at least six months and up to a year, due to the fact that bottoming out of currencies may not take place. Until a year after interest rate differentials may have bottomed out, this strategy is insignificant.

Traders who use a lot of leverage will also not benefit from using the interest rate strategy, based on the fact that the differentials tend to be very small, while leverage is a tool to increase your profit especially for the short-term. FOREX brokers and companies use leverage to tempt investors turning a yield differential of 2% profit to 200% by offering up to 100 time leverage.

For conclusion, although using bond spreads to forecast currency movements can be affective on the long-term, short-term investors who look for a way to make a fast-profit can not utilize it for their own needs. Using it as one of many parameters to forecast a future movement or trend though, can always contribute and be affective.

Mia Milis is an independent trader and provides financial advice regarding foreign exchange to several institutions as well as private individuals. Being an Internet enthusiast, she has taken up to provide advice through her brilliant articles, and in recent years has also founded theforexblogger.com in order to provide a platform online traders worldwide could share experiences through. Visit Mia at www.theforexblogger.com.

About the Author

Mia Milis is an independent trader and provides financial advice regarding foreign exchange to several institutions as well as private individuals. Being an Internet enthusiast, she has taken up to provide advice through her brilliant articles, and in recent years has also founded theforexblogger.com in order to provide a platform online traders worldwide could share experiences through.


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